RS regulate AK-300-AKM
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The Rs Regulate AKM optic mount is designed for moutning red dot optics that mount with a single 30mm ring.  
This mount allows for the lowest possible mounting and allows for a 1/3 lower cowitness of iron sights if used with a non magnified 30mm optic

The AK-300 mount system from RS Products LLC is a rugged family of mounts for side rail equipped Kalashnikov rifles. The
AK-300 system is the world’s first modular side rail system. Based on the highly successful and exceptionally durable RS proprietary
technology, the AK-300 system adds the capability to change upper optic mounts as needed and to position optics not only
directly over-bore, but front-to-back. The AK-300 system also introduces the new low profile RS lock system built with titanium
that does not protrude from the mount or into the trigger guard area.
  • Item #: RS-AKM

RS regulate AK-300-AKM

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