M70/M77 Skeleton Rail Hand Guards

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Bonesteel Arms Skeleton Rail system handguards for M70/M77.  Fits Yugoslavian/Serbian M70 and M77  rifles.

Installs just like factory hanguards, using factory retainers. Super lightweight, only * ounces per set, complete with attachment hardware(lower * oz, upper *oz) these provide a solid mounting point for all your Picatinny and/or M-LOK accessories.  Utlizes original factory designed lower handguard tension spring to ensure a snug fit with no filing required.
Includes installed high strength polymer yugo receiver adapter 
Includes 6 rail covers, covering 7 slots each, for a comfortable grip in all shooting conditions.
*note:  gas tube cover uppers are not intended for mounting aiming devices.
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M70/M77 Skeleton Rail Hand Guards

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