Fits stamped receiver AK with "beryl style" rear trunnion, such as the WBP FOX, and the Archer series of rifles.

Precision machined from aircraft aluminum, this hinge is designed to lock up solid, and provide years of trouble free use, while still maintaining it's light weight.  Includes a hardened steel bushing around the hinge pin to prevent wear, and the rest of the mating points are designed to lock up even tighter as wear ensues.

finished in a nice black hardcoat anodizing.

The hinge is tucked up nicely under and to the side of the rear tang, allowing for a very compact sleek looking package, without permanently altering your weapon.

Contoured to match your rear trunnion, this stock provides a nice factory look and installs without the use of any adapters.

All models will have an extra deep q/d sling swivel pocket.

Fastest deploying stock on the market, can be unfolded with the firing hand without leaving the grip just a flip of your fingers can unfold the stock for quick deployment.

 *Note, please do not purchase the threaded AR-15 adapter to use with stocks that fit a Mil-Spec M4 receier extension, and instead select our M4 style.  Our integrated M4 receiver extension is far superior in both weight and strength, and creates a more compact package than a threaded in tube can provide.  Please only select the threaded AR-15 adapter if the stock you must use requires a different style of receiver extension.

  • Item #: FOXFS

FOX/Beryl Folding Stock

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