Bonesteel Arms VZ 58 Railed Handguards
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We currently have several sets of these available as of 9-19-15.  Expect 2 weeks for delivery

Designed to be very simple and lightweight, without sacrificing any of the features people look for in a set of railed handguards.

!00% made in The U.S.A. handguard set counts as one U.S. made compliant part for sec.922r

 The upper handguard is designed to be the lightest, lowest mounting railed upper handguard on the market, mounts optics as low as possible, while still accepting all designs of mil-spec 1913 optic mounts.  Uses 4 set screws for fine adjustment, allowing it to retain sight zero, while still allowing for quick one-pin removal.  The set screws can also be used to compensate for slightly crooked gas blocks, common on many rifles.  The upper is deliberately designed not to meet flush with lower, this allows for lighter weight, better ventilation of hot barrel, less chance of hand pressure affecting zero, and the ability to look better with any variety of lower handguards.  Uses standard VZ58 takedown pin, plunger and spring(included) for proven quick takedown, with out the chance of pin popping past detent and becoming lost.

The Lower handguard is a simple tri rail.  Designed to accept all carbine length rail covers, including Knights Armament.  Narrow profile, at just over 2" makes for a comfortable hold with or without rail covers.  Better feel, for most people, than the standard, too narrow vz58 handguard.   large amount of surface area, hefty ventilation, and aluminum manufacture, allows this to quickly wick away heat from the barrel and receiver, while still remaining cool to the touch, keeping your rifle and your hands running much cooler.  Rails are fully scalloped to eliminate sharp edges, making them comfortable to hold, and minimizing the chance of rail peening.  Has Q/D sling swivel sockets on both sides of the rear of the handguard, for a tactical 2 or 3 point sling.  Aggressive lightining cuts keep weight to a minimum to retain proper rifle balance.

Co-wintess optic mount upper handguard only:  $95

Tri-Rail lower handguard only:                       $100

Railed Handguard set:                                 $165



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Bonesteel Arms VZ 58 Railed Handguards

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