12 Gauge Short Firestorm  Muzzle Brake
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Introducing The 12 Gauge Short Firestorm Brake.
Threaded to fit saiga 12 and vepr 12 shotguns.
Shorter version of the original for tose who prefer a more compact weapon, designed to fill the gap between the small brakes that offer virtually no recoil control, and the overly cumbersome but highly effective brakes.
at 3.25" long, 1.25" diameter and only 5.4 oz it can deliver powerful recoil reduction without adding too much weight or bulk.
Can be used as a breaching standoff.  This is designed to be a very effective brake, while still being combat suitable, unlike some of the competition only brakes, with excessive weight and/or bulk.

includes a locknut for proper indexing.


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12 Gauge Short Firestorm Muzzle Brake

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