Milled AK Folding stock with integral M4 collapsable stock
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Due to extrememly high demand, and numerous variations we cannot guarantee that these are in stock, please expect up to a 4 week wait on folding stocks.  These sell as fast as we can make them and are shipped on a first come first serve basis.

Folding stock for your milled Kalasnikov Fits 2 tang milled receiver rifles.

Does not require modification to the rifle, however the lower tang will protrude past hinge and can be trimmed if desired.

Does not fit yugoslavian milled receivers.

Includes an integral forged 7075-T6 Mil-Spec 6 position extension tube and U.S. made mil-spec M4 collapsable stock

also availalbe without stock

Accepts all Mil-Spec stocks.

Includes a "memory stop" feature that can be moved to allow instant extending to desired postion.

At just 17.5 ounces complete with attaching hardware(10.5 oz without stock) this is the lightest way to attach a folding collapsable stock to your Kalashnikov.

Collapses to within 1/4" from your tang. Has 6 useable positions, ranging from almost too short to almost too long, to accomodate any size shooter.

Bonesteel arms has teamed up with Cnc Warrior to bring you the ultimate folding stock system for the Kalashnikov series of rifles and shotguns.  We saw what you wanted in a stock system and are very proud to bring it to you.

Precision machined from aircraft aluminum, this hinge is designed to lock up solid, and provide years of trouble free use, while still maintaining it's light weight.  Includes a hardened steel bushing around the hinge pin to prevent wear, and the rest of the mating points are designed to lock up even tighter as wear ensues.

finished in a nice black hardcoat anodizing.

The hinge is tucked up nicely under and to the side of the rear tang, allowing for a very compact sleek looking package, without permanently altering your weapon.

Contoured to match your rear trunnion, this stock provides a nice factory look and installs without the use of any adapters.

All models will have an extra deep q/d sling swivel pocket.

Fastest deploying stock on the market, can be unfolded with the firing hand without leaving the grip just a flip of your fingers can unfold the stock for quick deployment.

In the coming months, we will be releasing several different "rear half" options, so you can swap your stock by simply pulling the hinge pin, no more bolting your stocks together.  We are also working on "front half" options for many other popular rifles and shotguns.  The days of using adapters to fit your rifles are over.  This will be a truly modular stock system making other current designs obsolete.


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Milled AK Folding stock with integral M4 collapsable stock

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